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In comparing the Project Management Life Cycle and the Product Life Cycle, which of the followings is most true?

A.The project life cycle typically changes and evolves with the project.

B.The project management life cycle is unique to every project.

C.The project life cycle is can be referred to as the Project Management Life Cycle.

D.The product life cycle typically involves more than one project life cycle.


Which of the followings are not included in the main Project Management processes?






Which of the following statements is true?

A.Properly operated projects often go through progressive elaboration, not remaining fixed even though the scope has been defined and agreed.

B.The project to create the Shanxia (Three-Gorges ) Dam can't be considered temporary because of the operations such as power generation , transformation of electric power , transportation , etc . are following after the Dam has been completed.

C.Projects can go on indefinitely when there is support and maintenance involved.

D.Projects are not unique because there is always some aspect that has been done before.


Management by exception involves all of the following except:

A.determining deviation from plan.

B.setting acceptable variance ranges.

C.alerting management to everything except those items specifically "excepted" within the Management Plan.

D.alerting management to only the items that are outside acceptable variance.


Management by objectives of a works only if: is supported by management.

B.the rules are written down.

C.the project does not impact the objectives.

D.the project includes the objectives in the charter.


You are working on your research and development project when your customer asks you to include a particular component in the project. You know this represents new work, and you do not have excess funds available . What should you do?

A.Delete another lower priority task to make more time and funds available.

B.Use funds from the management reserve to cover the cost.

C.Follow the contract change control process.

D.Ask for more funds from the project sponsor.


There are over 30 stakeholders on your project . The project is being done in another country with people from three countries as team members . Which of the following is the MOST important thing to keep in mind?

A.The communication channels will be narrow.

B.Many competing needs and objectives must be satisfied .

C.There must be one sponsor from each country .

D.Conflicts of interest must be disclosed .


Management tells a project manager to subcontract part of the project to a company that management has worked with many times . Under these circumstances, the project manager should be MOST concerned about:

A.making sure the company has the qualifications to complete the project .

B.meeting management expectations of time .

C.the cost of the subcontracted work .

D.the contract terms and conditions .


Your manager gives you a scope of work and asks you to begin working immediately and provide her a schedule . What should you do FIRST?

A.Being estimating the tasks necessary to complete the scope of work .

B.Identify the stakeholders and make sure their requirements are included in the scope of work .

C.Create an activity list and then begin to assign the tasks to resources .

D.Identify a team and obtain approval for their participation from their functional managers .


Which of the following BEST describes the project manager's role as an integrator?

A.Helping team members become familiar with the project .

B.Putting all the pieces of a project into a cohesive whole .

C.Putting all the pieces of a project into a program .

D.Putting all team members together into a cohesive whole .